Skin being our outer most barrier to external insults, we also look at the internal malfunctions, malabsorption, genetic, hormonal, micro-nutrient dietetic issues that can cause chronic skin disorders.

Product Code Product Description Pack size Schedule Features, actions and benefits Unisolv Code
CP632 Biotin 20mg Capsules 30’s S0 Maintains healthy hair, skin and nails 010818
CP725 Biotin 100mg Capsules 30’s S0 Maintains healthy hair, skin and nails 010911
CP141 L-Glutathione 500mg Capsules 30’s S0 Helps inhibit free-radical proliferation and involved in liver detoxification process, may cause skin-lightening 010327
CP145 BLT Cream 50ml S2 Topical anaesthetic cream for aesthetic use 010331
CP242 Kligmans Modified 4% Cream 50ml S3 Hyperpigmentation conditions: malasma, scars 010428
CP245 Pigmentation Cream 50ml S3 Hyperpigmentation conditions – hydroquinone 4% 010431
CP575 Probiotic 500mg 30’s S0 L.Sporogenes/B.Coagulans – helps maintain a healthy balance of microflora. Does not require refrigeration to maintain peak potency 010760
CP030 Skin Hormone Cream 50ml S5 Used for skin ageing – contains estriol, estradiol, DHEA, progesterone 010213