Pain and Inflammation involve the correct functional approach. Genetic predispositions, diet, lifestyle, drug interactions etc. need to be addressed

Product Code Product Description Pack size Schedule Features, actions and benefits Unisolv Code
CP011 Bromelain 500mg Capsules 60’s S1 Proteolytic enzyme for inflammation, pain, bloating and indigestion 010187
CP022 DL-Phenylalanine Capsules 60’s S0 Essential amino acid that supports reduction of chronic pain by stimulating the opioid receptors 010183
CP058 Serrapeptase 15mg Capsules 60’s S1 Proteolytic enzyme for inflammation 010185
CP018 Dental Anaesthetic gel 15ml S2 Lidocaine and tetracaine – may help when performing soft-tissue procedures with little or no local anaesthesia 010330
CP257 Gabapentin 2% Cream 50ml S3 Pain Management 010443
CP480 Gabapentin 5% / Lidocaine 5% Cream 50ml S3 Compounded transdermal cream with analgesic properties for neuropathic pain 010666
CP103 Ibuprofen gel 10% 50ml S2 Relieves pain and inflammation 010085