Heart Health basically involves the integrality of the blood vessels within the body. Three areas are focused on and they include Inflammation, Oxidation (Oxidative Stress) and Vascular Autoimmune Dysregulation

Product Code Product Description Schedule Features, actions and benefits CKS Unisolve Code
CP009 Artery Cleanse and Defense capsules 60 S1 Serrapeptase, Glisodin, Nattozymes 10208001
CP088 Beta-sitosterol 100mg capsules 60 S0 Reduces cholesterol absorption. Supports immune balance 10273001
CP100 Cholest away 300mg capsules 60 S4 Red yeast rice. Helps maintain healthy cholesterol levels 10311001
CP023 DMG (dimethylglycine) 100mg capsules 90 S0 To support immune, cardiovascular, neurological functions and muscle recovery 10199001
CP031 Hawthorne 300mg capsules 60 S0 Improves oxygen supply to the heart 10269001
CP046 Nicotinamide 500mg capsules 90 S1 Opposes the aging process, assists in diabetes, useful for brain and skin health 10268001
CP108 Nicotinic acid 100mg capsules 90 S1 Niacin; Raises HDL 10233001
CP087 Ribo avin 50mg capsules 60 S0 Vitamin B2 10295001
CP063 Vitamin D3 2000iu capsules 60 S3 Supports immune and cardiovascular systems 10207001
CP064 Vitamin D3 50 000iu capsules 4 S3 Supports immune and cardiovascular systems 10105004
CP065 Vitamin D3 5000iu capsules 30 S3 Supports immune and cardiovascular systems 10260001
CP066 Vitamin D3 500iu capsules 60 S0 Supports immune and cardiovascular systems 10223001
CP116 Vitamin D3 Syrup 200ml (5000iu/5ml) S3 Supports immune and cardiovascular systems 10069004
CP057 Selenozinc (selenium 100μg, zinc 50mg) capsules 60 S1 Selenium and zinc supplement 10227001
CP095 Selenozinc + Copper capsules 60 S1 Selenium, zinc and copper supplement 10299001