There are many reason for hair loss (known as alopecia) so therefore this protocol needs to be comprehensively addressed using the Functional Metabolic medical principles that involve patient individualized tests treatments.

Product Code Product Description Schedule Features, actions and benefits CKS Unisolve Code

Minoxidil 2% solution 60ml




Treatment of androgenic alopecia




CP110 Minoxidil 5% solution 60ml S4 Treatment of androgenic alopecia 10334001
CP057 Selenozinc (selenium 100μg, zinc 50mg) capsules 60 S1 Selenium and zinc supplement 10227001
CP095 Selenozinc + Copper capsules 60 S1 Selenium, zinc and copper supplement 10299001
CP088 Beta-sitosterol 100mg capsules 60 S0 Reduces cholesterol absorption. Supports immune balance 10273001
CP045 Nettle root extract 250mg capsules 90 S0 Boosts testosterone levels. Blocks SHBG, 5-alpha reductase and aromatase enzymes 10283001