Gut health and digestion have a massive influence on your metabolism, immune and cognitive function, energy levels and can facilitate good endocrine and hormonal support.

Product Code Product Description Schedule Features, actions and benefits CKS Unisolve Code



Aloelax 300mg capsules 60




Natural laxative




CP010 Betaine HCl 500mg capsules 90 S0 Betaine hydrochloride is a source of hydrochloric acid. Assists with digestion of protein. 10263001
CP011 Bromelain 500mg capsules 60 S1 Proteolytic enzyme for in ammation 10187001
CP028 GEP Protector capsules 60 S0 Alpha lipoic acid, EGCG and chromium 10228001
CP094 Grapefruit seed extract 125mg capsules 60 S0 For Candida, detrimental bacteria and micro- organisms 10287001
CP034 Mastic gum 333mg capsules 90 S0 Kills candida, H. Pylori and other detrimental bacteria 10271001
CP056 Rifaximin 200mg capsules 60 S4 Treatment of IBS and SIBO 10218001
CP058 Serrapeptase 15mg capsules 60 S1 Proteolytic enzyme for in ammation 10185001