To ensure good health, proper elimination processes need to be supported to prevent the build up of detrimental toxins that could cause a myriad of diseases. Functional medicine is based on obtaining good detox and liver support.

Product Code Product Description Schedule Features, actions and benefits CKS Unisolve Code
CP113 5-MTHF 500ug Tablets 60



5-MTHF helps reduce the risk of neural tube defects.




CP099 Broccoli extract 500mg capsules 30 S0 Useful in the treatment of autism spectrum disorder 10302001
CP012 Calcium d-Glucarate 100mg capsules 60 S0 Detoxi cation 10258001
CP017 Compounded detox capsules 60 S0 I3C, DIM, curcumax, resveratrol, quercetin, lycopene EGCG, co-enzyme Q10, selenium, folate, B12, B6, vit E 10114004
CP008 DMAE 100mg capsules 60 S5 Brain and skin food 10333001
CP028 GEP Protector capsules 60 S0 Alpha lipoic acid, EGCG and chromium 10228001
CP102 Glycine powder 100g S0 An amino acid important in liver detoxi cation pathways, production of glutathione, DNA and haemoglobin. May also support healthy neurological function 10137004
CP042 N-Acetylcysteine 500mg capsules 90 S2 Antioxidant and liver support 10272001



Methylation cream S0 Supports the methylation process associated with immune health and normal Neurotransmitter production and metabolism 10286001
CP040 Milk Thistle 500mg capsules 90 S3 Liver support 10270001
CP047 Oral EDTA capsules 60 S1 Removes heavy metals and detoxi es the cardiovascular system 10214001
CP029 Glutathione 10% cream 50ml S0 Main mitochondrial antioxidant 10570002



Bromelain 500mg capsules 60 S1 Proteolytic enzyme for in ammation 10187001
CP058 Serrapeptase 15mg capsules 60 S1

Proteolytic enzyme for in ammation


CP094 Grapefruit seed extract 125mg capsules 60 S0 For Candida, detrimental bacteria and micro- organisms 10287001
CP057 Selenozinc (selenium 100μg, zinc 50mg) capsules 60 S1 Selenium and zinc supplement 10227001
CP095 Selenozinc + Copper capsules 60 S1 Selenium, zinc and copper supplement 10299001