A Microbe is an organism which lives off, and generally inside, our bodies -feeding on the body’s nutrients, cells , organs and can affect the immune system. A Compounding patient specific Anti-Microbial Formula is a broad spectrum Advanced Nutraceutical formulated to eliminate most major Microbes, including protozoa, flukes, roundworms and tapeworms.

Product Code Product Description Schedule Features, actions and benefits CKS Unisolve Code
CP094 Grapefruit seed extract 125mg capsules 60 S0 For Candida, detrimental bacteria and micro- organisms 10287001
CP034 Mastic gum 333mg capsules 90 S0 Kills candida, H. Pylori and other detrimental bacteria 10271001
CP250 Boric Acid 600mg S0 Vaginal yeast infections 10436001